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The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) will construct roadway improvements on Powell Boulevard (US Highway 26) from SE 122nd Avenue to SE 136th Avenue. This project will address the high rate of collisions on Outer Powell for the past several years. The purpose of this project is to increase safety for people who walk, drive, take the bus and ride bikes, making Outer Powell a safer place for everyone.


When the Outer Powell Transportation Safety Project is finished, people will see and experience new roadway improvements including:

  • Crosswalks so people can cross the road safely
  • Sidewalks for pedestrians and people who use wheel chairs
  • Dedicated bicycle facilities for cyclists
  • Center turn lanes so that cars, buses and trucks can move through the corridor more safely and efficiently
  • Storm drains to keep water from pooling on the road when it rains
  • Lighting for improved visibility
  • Rapid Flash Beacons (which alert drivers that people are crossing the street with flashing lights) to increase safety at the busiest crosswalks
  • Improved signals for better safety and traffic flow at intersections


The design phase began in summer 2016 and will last through summer 2018. Construction is anticipated to begin in 2019 and last about two years.


When it’s finished, this project will help you get around outer SE Powell more safely. But construction will bring temporary inconveniences like traffic delays, noise and detours. In some cases, changes will need to be made to driveways or the area where property meets the road. If you live, work or own property on Powell Boulevard between SE 122nd and SE 136th Avenues, your driveway or frontage may need changes. If changes are needed, an ODOT team member will contact you.




Powell Boulevard from SE 122nd to SE 136th Avenues


Studies have shown that Outer Powell has experienced an increasing number of collisions – some of the highest in the state.


Multi-modal safety improvements including sidewalks, bike lanes, cross walks and center turn lanes will be constructed.


Design: Summer 2016 to Summer 2018

Construction: Early 2019 (will last approximately 2 years)


From 2014 to 2016, ODOT conducted planning, environmental, and initial design work for the four-mile stretch of Powell Boulevard from east of I-205 from approximately SE 99th Avenue to the Portland/Gresham city limits at SE 176th Avenue. In fall 2015, the state Legislature approved $17 million to design and construct the SE 122nd to SE 136th Avenue section of Powell (which is why this project is underway!). ODOT is dedicated to pursuing more funding opportunities so the entire corridor can receive these safety improvements. Prior to the planning and environmental phase, a preliminary study was performed as a joint effort between ODOT and the Portland Bureau of Transportation. From this study, the 2010-2013 Outer Powell Boulevard Conceptual Design Plan was developed.


Fatal and serious injury collisions affect the lives of many Oregonians every year. In fact, since 2003 the intersection at Powell Boulevard and SE 122nd Avenue has been one of the State’s top 5 percent sites for the number and severity of crashes. This is why the section of Powell Boulevard from SE 122nd Avenue and SE 136th Avenue has been prioritized for roadway safety improvements. Sidewalks, dedicated bike facilities, cross walks and center turn lanes have been identified to help significantly reduce the number and severity of collisions in this area.

Who is involved?

ODOT is leading the Outer Powell Transportation Safety Project with support from a consultant team led by HDR Engineering. A Community Advisory Group and other technical and policy committees met throughout the planning and environmental phase to guide the project. The Community Advisory Group will continue to meet and serve as community liaisons. Also, public meetings and community activities will continue to be held. Updates will be posted to this website as the project progresses. Stay tuned for project updates and ways to be involved.

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